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Thea Kristine Tangen Kiær

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Visual artist

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I am a 25 year old girl from the southeast of Norway, now living in Trondheim. ART is my passion, and my biggest dream is to live doing what I love. I've got quite a versatile background in the arts. I went to an artistic high school, and I'm an INTERIOR DESIGNER by education. I'm also very interested in working with placing art into the interior. Today I am studying at uni to become a PRESCHOOL TEACHER. Besides being a VISUAL ARTIST I want to work with children and their pure and honest CREATIVITY. Please enjoy my artwork ♥

fredag 6. april 2012

God Påske!

Alternativ løsning når man mangler sitt store staffeli; strykebrett, lite bordstaffeli og klesskap som støtte :P

Alternative solution when missing a big easel; then you need an ironing board, a small easel and a closet that support:P

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